The CCR Shop


The following items are available for sale. We have other items leftover from expos and events and will be adding them as time permits. If you want to buy an items please email us at [email protected] Pick up available in Mississauga or shipping at buyers expense.

Cuddle Sacks

Cuddle sacks are 3 layers. The outer layer is flannel most of the time but sometimes cotton is used, the middle layer is extra thick batting and the inside layer is fleece. Machine washable. There are different types of cuddle sacks that I make. Regular rectangle ones measuring approximately 12"x 14", regular round ones that measure approximately 13" x 12" and large round ones that measure approximately 18" x 16". Sometimes I made different sizes and shapes. Prices for the regular ones are $20 and large is $25

Regular Cuddle Sacks $20

Large Round Cuddle Sacks $25

Fleece Forests $20

Corner Hammock- $12

Corner Hammock.

Bonding Pouch $30

These bonding pouches have flannel on the outside and fleece inside. 

Corners are boxed for added comfort. 

Zippered top with a mesh in the middle.

 These have an adjustable strap as well. 

Dimensions are 7.5" x 6" approximately 

Sugar Glider Set

This set includes a fringe bridge, vine and one pouch. 

Measurements for the bridge: 10" x 18" with a 3 3/4" fringe 

Measurements for the vine:25"

Measurements for the pouch: 7" x 8"

$50 for all three items

Sugar Glider Pouches

These pouches have a fleece interior and a flannel layer outside. Corners are boxed. Measures: 7" x 7.5" approximately  $15 each

Hay Bags

2 Hole Hay bags are approximately 10"x 11"

$20 each

Most are made from cotton but a couple (orange owls and strawberries with lady bugs), are made from flannel.

All have metal grommets at the top with shower hooks to attach to a cage. 

Safe for guinea pigs and rabbits. 

Hay Bags

3 Hole Hay Bags

Measure approximately 13" x 11"


All are cotton.

Safe for guinea pigs and rabbits.

Apple Wood Toys

Apple wood toys have organic apple wood that has been scrubbed, boiled and baked. $5.00 each

Cat Mats

Cat mats have an opening at the top to put cat nip into. These cat mats measure approximately 21 " x 12.5"  and are $15/each. Flannel and fleece on the outside with a layer of batting on the inside. 

Water Bottle Covers $5

Water bottle covers are made of fleece and fit an average water bottle. Great if you need to take your chinchilla out when it is warm and want the added security of having a cool option. Also good to have on hand if your a/c breaks and you need a fast cooling option. 

Coming soon....

-apple twigs by the pound

-cuddle cups

-apple perches